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April 30th, 2011

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To close out the month, GLC figured it would be a good time to surf the Web and highlight some of the exciting things fellow guitar sites are doing at the moment.

The World Wide Web is a wonderful place to go for information and when it comes to learning the guitar, you can discover so much these days.

Theta Music introduces new ear training games

GLC has reviewed Theta Music in the past and we cannot say enough about their innovative way at looking at music theory. Most people associate music theory with intense boredom, which makes it extremely difficult for beginners to learn.

What Theta has been able to accomplish with their learning games is a way to make understanding music theory actually fun. Imagine such a thing!

If you have checked out Theta in the past, now is a great time to revisit the site as they just launched a few new games, including a brand new version of its acclaimed online ear training system Theta Music Trainer.

The new version features a Personal Trainer component, which recommends specific games and practice levels for each student, based on current skill level and previous game play. In addition to the upgraded personal ear trainer, Theta does a phenomenal job of offering personalized feedback and recommendations.

If you need to brush up on your music theory you should definitely give them a peep (or should we say an ear?).

New lessons on JamPlay, Guitar Tricks and Jamorama

Part of the reason JamPlay, Guitar Tricks and Jamorama are some of the highest rated guitar courses on GLC is because they’re not so much about old-fashion techniques for self-taught guitar like reading books (because how many people still honestly learn that way?) but more about utilizing the World Wide Web.

Sites like JamPlay offer a massive online database of video lessons and articles and most importantly the database is updated quite regularly. You should check them out if you’re looking for a new way to learn the guitar without breaking the bank. Memberships are actually quite reasonable.

Subscribe to Guitar World (or another guitar niche publication)

Guitar World is one of the best publications 100% dedicated to guitars. There are some other great guitar magazines available, but what we really like about Guitar World is along with the subscription the publication also has a ton of great unique content for the Web.

In fact, at you can learn about various artists, browse their database of lessons, invest in a new DVD, check out gear and more. Honestly, who does not get inspired when they read about some of the best individual’s ever to pick up a guitar? Subscribing to a guitar magazine and surfing websites are a fantastic way to stay motivated with your own guitar playing.

Plug-in to Social Networking

Do you use Facebook or Twitter on a daily basis? If so, why not check out what the guitar world is doing on these popular social networking sites?

A single search of guitar groups or fanpages on Facebook will yield hundreds of thousands of results. This is a great place to get connected with other enthusiasts in the event that you may not know a ton of musicians locally.

Also, if you enjoy staying up-to-date with your favorite guitarists, most bands are now on Facebook and Twitter and update their pages quite frequently.

Last but not least, is not as common of a social networking site, yet a terrific database for learning about what’s going on in the music world as articles that are “Dugg” the most are very popular and hence terrific resources for learning more about the guitar.

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