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Learn to Play Guitar Articles

Ready to learn guitar? Want some free advice? This page lists all of the articles I've written to help you jumpstart your learning, and make things easier along the way. I will add more articles each week, so check back. Enjoy!

Guitar Basics

The fundamentals: These articles cover everything from how to tune a guitar, to learning guitar chords & scales...

Learning Guitar Chords
I don't know about you, but when I first started playing a guitar, the chords were by far the most complicated thing for me to master. Learning guitar chords can present a massive challenge. For starters, you're using multiple fingers and playing...[Read More]

How to Tune a Guitar
You were about to hit that last chord, and you noticed that something didn’t sound right. Again, you’re guitar is out of tune.  Before you rush to that self-consumed, keeps-everything -to-himself dude you met at your local jamming session (yet again) and ask him to tune it for you, consider learning to do it on your own. [Read More]

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Guitar Lesson Tips

The key to lessons: These articles will help you to get motivated and structure your learning properly:

Online Guitar Lessons
In the last few years, millions of aspiring guitarists have realized they can save $1,000's/year by taking lessons online. This article includes 5 traps to avoid when learning online, and a comparison (with video tour) of the top 3 websites...[Read More]

Guitar Lessons for Beginners
If you're a beginner, learning guitar with an instructor can be great, but it also becomes quite expensive over time. Plus, it's tough scheduling lessons, trying to squeeze in your questions afterward, and trying to remember what the instrcutor told you...[Read More]

How to Play Songs on Guitar
Learning how to play songs on guitar is actually easier than you think. Practice and repitition is absolutely vital. It's extremely important! I like to compare playing songs on the guitar, or any other musical instrument, much in the same way as shooting a...[Read More]

Beginning Guitar Lessons
You have the guitar. You have the quiet room at night. You have the energy, enthusiasm, and desire to become the next guitar master. A few weeks pass. The guitar is now sitting in the corner room collecting dust. You're discouraged and disappointed...[Read More]


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Lead Guitar & Soloing

Love the sound of distorted guitars & thrashing solos? Then these articles are just for you:

How to Play the Electric Guitar
The electric guitar is rock, man. While the acoustic guitar has a unique sound and is fun to play, nothing compares to the feel and sound of an electric guitar. I've been playing the electric guitar for about 10 years now. I actually first picked up...[Read More]

How to Play Guitar Solos
The guitar is not straight-laced and classy. Instead, I would argue that the guitar is flashy and eccentric. People want to learn how to play the guitar because they want to stand out. To do that, a guitarist must first learn how to play guitar solos in various styles...[Read More]

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Acoustic Guitar

Can't get enough of the peaceful singer/songwriter's weapon of choice? These acoustic articles will help:

How to Play the Acoustic Guitar
So you want to learn how to play the acoustic guitar? First off, that's awesome! There are so many benefits to playing guitar. It can serve as a personal hobby or evolve into a full-time job or band. I personally prefer the acoustic guitar...[Read More]

Acoustic Guitar Lessons
Looking for the best acoustic guitar lessons? My name is Kyle, and I've been playing guitar since I was 11 years old. After trying nearly everything, I've found that you'll learn the most for your money if you take Online or DVD lessons...[Read More]

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Guitar Styles

If you're into a certain style of music, these articles will steer you in the right direction to mastering it:

Blues Guitar Lessons
So you're looking for blues guitar lessons, huh? Awesome, because Blues is one of the coolest genres to learn on guitar, because it is the foundation for so many other styles. Thst said, I just put together a free video playlist of one of my favorite lessons from...[Read More]

Rock Guitar Lessons
“I wanna rock!” That may be one of the most famous lines ever uttered in Rock and Roll. Sure it’s simple and yes it’s a given, but man does it make sense. We all want to rock! That’s why we purchased a guitar in the first place. Sure, some are drawn to...[Read More]

Country Guitar Lessons
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Jazz Guitar Lessons
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Learn to Play Blues Guitar
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Classical Guitar Lessons
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