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Privacy Policy

As a full-time web designer, I take your privacy very seriously! The policy below is designed to inform you of my privacy protection practices, and to ensure your information is safe when visiting my website.

Information I collect

None of your personal information will be collected while visiting my website.

As a standard practice, I do collect data on my visitors (such as time spent on the site, what pages are visited, etc.), but this data is collected anonymously with Google's Analytics program. This data collection is only used for the betterment of the website, with reagrds to the quality of information & reviews provided for visitors.

When you contact me by email, I will NOT store, share, rent or sell your email address...EVER.

If you decided to sign up to my free guitar lessons newsletter, I will securely store your first name and email address, only to send you emails (like an address book), but once again I will NEVER share, rent or sell your information to anyone.

Data Security

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain complete data accuracy, and ensure the proper use of information, I have implemented appropriate managerial, electronic & physical procedures to protect any information I collect online.

Have a question about your privacy? Please feel free to send me an email: kyle @ guitarlessonscritic.com.



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