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Jamorama Review

If you're looking for a great way to learn guitar for cheaper than private lessons, Jamorama is NOT the best course for you! Check out my JamPlay review to see why it's better, and get an exclusive 25% OFF coupon code.

Jamorama logoJamorama is a web-based guitar training program. It comes with 148 video lessons, a software program designed to teach the basics of guitar with entertaining games, a tuning program, and multiple PDF ebooks that go more in-depth into guitar techniques and styles. Because it's all digital, there's no waiting for shipping, and you can learn guitar from home.

While Jamorama is a decent course overall, do NOT believe the hype on the website! This course is great for total beginners, but it will definitely not teach you everything you need to know to play guitar in a matter of weeks or months. It will take practice & patience to master the guitar, and nothing (not even expensive private lessons) can change that.

In the end, however, Jamorama is a fabulous program for beginners, especially considering it's only $49.95 for the whole package, which is less than the cost of two 30-minute private lessons! If this sounds good to you, and you just want something to lay down the basics without risking a ton of money, I'd recommend Jamorama as a solid start:

Check out Jamorama!

Want to read my full review of Jamorama before you decide? Feel free...

JamPlay Guitar Tricks Learn and Master Guitar Jamorama
Overall Rating 9.8/10 9.2/10 8.7/10 7.4/10
Lesson Quality 5 Stars 5 Stars 4 Stars 3.5 Stars
Value for Price 5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 3.5 Stars
Support 5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars
Teaching Style 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4 Stars
Lesson Variety 5 Stars 5 Stars 3.5 Stars 3 Stars
Ease of Use 4.5 Stars 4 Stars 4.5 Stars 4 Stars
Entertainment 5 Stars 4 Stars 3.5 Stars 4.5 Stars
Learn More Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review
Product Online Community & 1,000+ Videos Online Community & Videos DVD's, Book, CD's & Forum PDF's, Videos & Software
Delivery Instant (Online) Instant (Online) 3-14 Days Instant (Online)
Guarantee 7-Day, 100%
60-Day 100% Money-Back 60-Day, 100% Money-Back 60-Day, 100% Money-Back
Instructors 46 45 1 1
Beginner Check Check Check Check
Intermediate Check Check Check Check
Advanced Check X Check X
Song Lessons Check Check X X
Discounts 25% OFF Coupon:
Free Trial
On Sale:
Save $100
Lowest Price $19.95/month* $14.95/month $249 $149 $49.95
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JamPlay Guitar Tricks Learn & Master Guitar Jamorama
Lesson Quality 3.5 Stars4 Stars4.5 Stars2.5 Stars
Value For Price 3.5 Stars4 Stars4.5 Stars3 Stars
Support 3.5 Stars4 Stars4 Stars2.5 Stars
Teaching Style 3.5 Stars4 Stars4 Stars3 Stars
Lesson Variety 3.5 Stars4 Stars4.5 Stars2.5 Stars
Ease Of Use 3.5 Stars4 Stars5 Stars3.5 Stars
Entertainment 3.5 Stars4 Stars5 Stars3 Stars
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  Jamorama Review

Rated 3.7/5 Stars

Jamorama screenshot

Lesson Quality: 3.5 Star Rating
Value for Price: 3.5 Star Rating
Support: 3 Star Rating
Teaching Style: 4 Star Rating
Lesson Variety: 3 Star Rating
Ease of Use: 4 Star Rating
Entertainment: 4.5 Star Rating

Product Videos, PDF's & Software
Price: $49.95
Delivery: Instant
Guarantee: 60-Day, 100%

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Wondering if Jamorama is right for you?
Reviewed by Kyle, the Guitar Lessons Critic

If you enjoy learning things at your own pace, and would rather learn to play guitar from home, Jamorama could be a good course for you. That said, it's important to say that if you've been playing guitar for a while, this is NOT the program for you!

I only recommend Jamorama to beginning guitarists, because its software games, ebooks & video lessons move pretty slowly, and the skill level never reaches what I would consider to be "Advanced".

All in all, if you're just getting started, this is a fine choice though...

Here's what comes with Jamorama:

  • 96pg PDF ebook with 15 beginning guitar lessons
  • 11pg ebook: "How to Tune Your Guitar"
  • 151pg ebook with 26 intermediate guitar lessons
  • Guitar Tuner Pro software program
  • Metronome software for keeping time
  • "GuitEarIt" Pitch training software
  • "Jayde Musica" Note training software
  • Jamorama "Maestro" lesson software
  • Member's-Only Forum
  • 26 "Jam Tracks" to play along with
  • 148 Video lessons (Chords, Scales, etc.)

To be honest, that's a whole lot of stuff for only $49.95, especially compared to taking private lessons and paying $15-$20/half-hour session! While it's nice to have the 1-on-1 attention, it's tough to beat this price for sure...

I wouldn't plan on becoming a rock star from Jamorama alone, but if you just want to lay a nice foundation or fill in some gaps with your guitar skills, it's a good course to do that for cheap.

Check out Jamorama.com to learn more:

Click here to check out Jamorama

Jamorama - The Pros

These are the things I like about Jamorama:

  • PRICE! I've never found a course that comes with so much for only $49.95.
  • Convenience: It's cool to be able to practice from home at your computer.
  • Geared toward beginners: If you are a beginner, this course makes things easier than most.
  • Best course for children
  • Wide range of tools: Between the software games, the PDF ebooks, the Jam Tracks & the Videos, pretty much any type of learner can benefit from this course (and the software games are actually pretty fun!).

Jamorama - The Cons

There are also things I do NOT like about Jamorama. Here they are:

  • If you've been playing guitar for a while now, Jamorama might move too slowly for you
  • The Forum is lame...not much help to be honest.
  • The products are somewhat unorganized in the members' area
  • You'll most likely end up buying a more advanced course once you make it through Jamorama.
  • JamPlay is a much better option because you get 24 instructors, better software, and 10,000+ guitarists!

The key here is that it's perfect for complete beginners. The unique software games, combined with the ebooks, jam tracks and video lessons make Jamorama a great course for anyone getting started with guitar, including children.

Screenshots of Jamorama

Click the images below to see screenshots of the Jamorama members-only area, software programs and video lessons:

Other Customer Reviews

5 stars"It teaches basically everything you need..."
By "KN" from Australia, on October 13, 2008. Found on Whirlpool AU Forums.

"I paid for a program called Jamorama. Costed $US 40 ages ago. It was very good program, thorough videos, history, interesting facts, techniques etc... Was very good value when I didn't know where to start. It teaches basically everything you need to kick-start your way into guitaring.

5 stars "...great organization, practice and jams..."
By "D.J." from Florida on September 12, 2006. Found on Harmony Central Forums.

"...quality instruction available online is the Jamorama program. This program is considerably less $$$ ( I think it is under $50) and has great organization, practice and jams with the band. Jamorama, at the lower price is available for complete download and you have to do the lessons IN FRONT OF YOUR COMPUTER. If that's a bummer, then to order the hard copy is more $$$.

If you need some structured instructions, both these are among the best programs and I would strongly suggest you give them a try-- they both claim $$$ back if not satisfied. If you used a credit card and dispute resolution, that would offer protection too. Good luck and PRACTICE, practice, practice!"

5 stars "I am a little disappointed..."
By "Greg J." on August 5th, 2007. Found on ReviewGuitarLessons.com.

"I read so many great reviews about the Jamorama product that I took a shot and paid the $39.95 for the download. I am a little disappointed. On the one hand their are a lot of great videos included with the download but mostly everything else is kinda lame if you ask me. I would save my money if I were you or buy a real guitar lesson course on dvd."

NOTE: If you want to follow Greg's advice and invest in a DVD course, check out Learn and Master Guitar!

5 stars "Jamorama is a great way for beginners to learn..."
By "Larry" from Massachusetts, on July 3, 2006. Found on SmartGuyReviews.com.

"In August '05, I decided to really learn to play the guitar. After a few evenings of research, I stumbled on Jamorama. Back then, it offered a free lesson series that taught three open chords, and how to play those chords in a song. After that, I bought the course. Jamorama is a great way for beginners to learn; relatively painless and definitely rewarding. The price was right, too. Hey, I'm still playing!"

 star  2      0   
Review By "KN" - Advanced Guitarist

"I paid for a program called Jamorama. Costed $US 40 ages ago. It was very good program, thorough videos, history, interesting facts, techniques etc... Was very good value when I didn't know where to start. It teaches basically everything you need to kick-start your way into guitaring.

 star  2      0   
Review By "D. J. " - Advanced Guitarist

"...quality instruction available online is the Jamorama program. This program is considerably less $$$ ( I think it is under $50) and has great organization, practice and jams with the band. Jamorama, at the lower price is available for complete download and you have to do the lessons IN FRONT OF YOUR COMPUTER. If that's a bummer, then to order the hard copy is more $$$.

If you need some structured instructions, both these are among the best programs and I would strongly suggest you give them a try-- they both claim $$$ back if not satisfied. If you used a credit card and dispute resolution, that would offer protection too. Good luck and PRACTICE, practice, practice!"

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Write a Jamorama Review

Already bought Jamorama? Take a sec to write a review for other guitarists!


Note: Your email address will NOT be published or used for anything other than confirmation!


"Is Jamorama right for me?"

After searching far and wide for guitar lesson products online, I've found that most have some serious flaws.

However, the majority of the courses I've reviewed are cheaper and more convenient than taking private lessons from an instructor, too. Jamorama is a great way to get a good start learning guitar, for as cheap as possible. If you already know some chords and scales, or can even play some songs, I would NOT recommend buying this course. In that case, you might be more interested in JamPlay, an online community with 24 instructors and much cooler software tools.

If you want to get started in the right direction with your guitar training, Jamorama is a pretty good choice overall.

"Jamorama Standard or Deluxe?"

Recently, the Jamorama team created a whole new set of choices for their customers.

Over the years, they continued to add extra video lessons, more PDF ebooks, and more software to their course, and it eventually came time to increase the price. But, instead of charging $99.95 for everything, they decided to give you twoJamorama Product Box options to choose from: Standard or Deluxe.

The Standard version is $49.95, and comes with everything I've mentioned so far. The Deluxe version of Jamorama has a few extras added on, for the full price of $99.95:

  • Lead Lessons: Extra ebook & video lessons focusing on playing lead guitar
  • Advanced Series: Additional ebook covering cool higher-level guitar techniques
  • Song Lessons: 30-day access to SongPond, a website for learning to play popular songs
  • Lead Licks videos: Series meant to improve soloing skills

All in all, I'd recommend the Standard option, unless you're interested in learning to play lead guitar. If that's your goal with learning, the Deluxe version offers a great deal more content. Otherwise, save the extra cash and get the Standard option.

Also, they received some feedback from customers requesting a physical version of the entire course (Books & DVD's), so they created that as another option. If you'd prefer to have the course shipped to you, it's $149.95 for everything.

I hope this review has helped you decide if Jamorama is your best bet for learning guitar!


Jamorama Review Summary

To sum it all up, these are the high and low points of Jamorama:

  1. Wide variety of lessons, designed primarily for beginners
  2. One of the cheapest ways to learn guitar, at only $49.95 total
  3. All accessible online (safely download PDF's & Software Programs)
  4. Doesn't get to advanced techniques as much as other courses I've reviewed
  5. Won't teach you to "play like Eric Clapton", but is a great start for sure

If you want to get a good jump-start on learning the guitar, but don't want to spend $15-$20/30-minute lesson with an instructor, Jamorama is a solid course to start with:

Check out Jamorama!


Disclosure: The review above is based on my opinion of the Jamorama guitar course. I personally purchased this course for evaluation. That said, if my review helps you decide to purchase Jamorama, doing so through a link above will help fund this website with a commission. This didn't change my view of the course in any way. I hope this Jamorama review helped you out!


#1 - JamPlay
#2 - Learn and Master Guitar
#3 - Guitar Tricks
#4 - Jamorama

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