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Rock Guitar Lessons

“I wanna rock!” That may be one of the most famous lines ever uttered in Rock and Roll. Sure it’s simple and yes it’s a given, but man does it make sense. We all want to rock! That’s why we purchased a guitar in the first place.

Sure, some are drawn and attracted to country or folk, but most aspiring guitarists want to learn to play the instrument so they can “Rock and Roll.”But, no matter how badly we want to, we just can't play our favorite songs well without some solid rock guitar lessons.

rock guitaristMost beginners desire to play some cool songs they like to listen to, but instead get stuck playing “Yankee Doodle” or “Amazing Grace.” Now there is nothing wrong with these classics but that isn’t exactly what we had in mind when we said we wanted to play the guitar.

There’s a method behind the madness. Simple children songs like those are taught first because they are simple and very easy to learn. They give you the satisfaction of saying, “I can play a song on the guitar.” Just make sure you don’t tell your girlfriend what song that is.

But over time you’ll evolve and progress. You’ll start to play simple Rock and Roll songs. You’ll even reach a point believe it or not where you can and will play anything you want.

But for now you have to start simple. Once you learn a few songs and simple techniques, Rock songs become an option.

Rock guitar lessons are all over the place. You may find a few online for free. However, most lessons exist in books or DVD’s. If you are taking the more traditional route and learning through a private instructor, you’ll learn some Rock lessons and songs through him or her.

No matter what’s the source or teacher, Rock guitar lessons have one common parable. They all teach and require the use of power chords. “What is a power chord and how does it differ from a standard chord?”

That’s a great question. Power chords are those thunderous chords you hear in most Rock songs. Technically you would define a power chord as a chord consisting of the first root, fifth and eighth in degree (octave) of the scale. “Huh?”

I like to refer to power chords as the “meat” of the song. It’s the heavy lifting. It’s the power behind the Rock song. Power chords are usually played on an electric guitar because they sound good at a high volume with high levels of distortion. I’m assuming that since you wanted to learn to play Rock songs you already own an electric guitar.

What’s nice about power chords is the fact that they are easy to play compared to most other chords. Usually you’ll only need two fingers. In actuality the power chords sound good not by how you play them but the size and capabilities of your amp. Unfortunately power chords do not sound amazing on those puny practice amps but everyone has to start somewhere.

Once you’re skills grow and the size of your wallet increases, many aspiring Rock guitarists will invest in a larger amp that can handle the quality of sound that power chords and guitar solos produce.

Which brings me to my next point – Rock guitar lessons will test your solo ability. Guitar solos are so cool but so frustrating at times. Some of them will take weeks to learn and master. The important thing to remember is that guitar lessons are lessons for a reason. They’re not designed to irritate and demoralize you. Rather they’re designed to teach and improve your skills. Rock guitar lessons are no different.

The meaty power chords and tricky guitar solos. Master those two aspects and you’re ready to start singing. Okay maybe not, but with those two techniques down you’re well on your way to playing and enjoying the tedious nature of Rock music.

The main concept to take from this is that you went as far as to purchase a guitar and lesson book to teach you how to play. Everyone does an act for a reason. Thus everyone buys a guitar because they want to learn how to play a particular style or brand of music.

You bought a guitar because you want to Rock. Now find those Rock guitar lessons and learn how to play!

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