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How To Write A Love Song On Guitar

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Everyone gets into a frenzy at some point in time about being in love, or maybe they simply enjoy the idea of feeling that they are. But regardless of the feeling, it always feels good to write a song on guitar. I’ll let you on to some tips on how to write a love song.

Whether you just want to woo someone, or the thought of winning a Grammy tickles your fancy, it’s all about the rhythm and the flow. But all of these are vague descriptions on how to write a song on guitar. To be blunt and simple, it’s all about this little secret: it’s all about thought organization. That’s the simple part. But some take the effort in developing their sensibility in song writing. It may take years to develop one. You might want to start as early as now.

Writing is a skill, not a talent in my opinion. It is the ability to put into words what you have in your head and make it sound right. Speaking of sound, since you are including the element of melody and rhythms to it, you have to make it sound right, especially in love songs.

In my experience, I prefer to have some sort of rhythm to start with before I come up with lyrics. Pick a key and start with it. By doing so, you can clearly define how the song will turn out. Regarding the rhythm, try to use basic chord progressions that you will find on the internet. Many have found success by using common chord progression. Common chord progressions are C, Am, F, G, C or others. Again, the chords are just half of the battle. Lyrics will land the winning blow.

Let’s talk about writing lyrics.

If you are writing a love song, make it personal. Maybe something that has already happened to you that really struck you as a person. Something unforgettable, or in this case someone. Organize your thoughts into making the words come out. Most love songs find success because people can relate to it. Bank on the universal experiences of many people. Again, a song may be written for you: i.e. experiences. However, I would like to suggest a few things at this point:

1.    Write something in first person. Nothing beats letting the world know how you feel. Try to express how you’ve seen the world as a person in love, or have lost love, or have been looking for it.

2.    Create lyrics about someone. Emotions are really strong if you are the one feeling it. Look for adjectives or nouns to make the composition livelier.

3.    Don’t lay it too thick on the letting it be known to the world. With descriptive words, and figures of speech, make your song subtle. It’s like a movie where a boy is too shy to tell the girl his feelings and comes up with crazy ways to show it.

4.    Talk about love. Talk about how love changed you. How love made you weaker, stronger, dumber, smarter or hopeful.

Lastly, follow the basic formula of a song. That is the verse, the Refrain, Chorus and Bridge. These parts are very important. Never do away with them. Many Grammy winners use this formula. The Verse pretty much explains the story of a song, the refrain being the shorter transitional version of the chorus, and the chorus being the one that will stick to the minds of your listeners.