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The True Cost of Guitar Lessons

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Many people have asked about the average price of guitar lessons, mostly because they’ve found how affordable it can be to learn guitar online.

While it’s tough to pinpoint an accurate cost of guitar lessons, it is fair to say that private guitar lessons:

- Are usually 30 minutes long
- Cost between $10-$35 each

The exact price depends on where you live, and of course, the instructor you’re paying.

Many beginners select the cheapest teacher in the area, but they end up wasting their money (and time) because the instructor isn’t as good as the others charging more. Sometimes they’ll get lucky, but it’s almost impossible to tell from the start.

Another very important part of the cost of guitar lessons to consider is the gas money it takes to take those extra trips every week to the teacher.

If you’re lucky enough to be within a few minutes of the instructor, this might only add another $10 or $20 to the cost each month. However, if you live further away, this can really add up over time!

The last factor in to consider for the average price of guitar lessons is the extras you’ll be forced to buy while taking lessons, such as supplemental lessons, work books, song lessons, CD’s, and other equipment your teacher will ask you to purchase.

All in all, I highly recommend taking online guitar lessons, as they can save $1,500+ per year!

Amazing Guitar Secrets Review posted

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

I just finished reviewing the popular “Amazing Guitar Secrets” course, and posted the full review on the site.

This DVD course has been updated recently to include a cheaper partially-digital version that makes it a solid contender, which pushed its overall rating to 7.1/10, and in the ‘Honorable Mention’ category of the courses I’ve reviewed.

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Beginning Guitar Lessons: “How Long Until I’m Good?”

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Note: This is a guest post by Ian, from

The question that is on a lot of beginners minds is “How long will it be before I’m a good guitar player”. Now I know the term good is different for each individual but for most beginners it’s how long before I can play the songs I hear on the radio, jam with friends and maybe play for others at a party or camp fire.

Before we can answer this question I think we first need to take a look at the benefits of self study or private lessons and the variety of different products available to teach yourself to play guitar. So let’s get started.

Private Lessons Vs. Self Study Programs

There isn’t too much question that the potential to become a great guitar player learning directly from someone else who is a great player is very high. Of course how much you practice and progress has a lot to do with it but you’re setup for success when taking private lessons.

The biggest downside to taking private lessons is that often you learn new techniques at a very slow pace which can cause you to lose interest. Contrast this with learning guitar from a guitar lesson dvd course like Learn and Master guitar and you’re in complete control of how quickly or slowly you learn.

If you choose to learn on your own be sure you spend the money on a good self study program like Learn and Master Guitar or a similar video program. This will ensure you learn all the basics and build a good foundation for future learning.

What About Learn Guitar Fast Programs?

There are some ebooks and digital guitar courses that suggest you can learn guitar in one week or even one weekend. Personally, as someone who’s played guitar for several years I cannot see how you could “master” an instrument in one weekend, but I do suppose it’s possible to learn a chord or two and some basic strumming patterns.

My personal opinion is that programs like these offer a big promise they cannot deliver on. If you’re really interested in becoming a great guitar player then don’t waste your time on a product that claims you can learn in one weekend. Spend your money and time wisely on a serious beginner guitar lessons product.

So How Long Until You’re Good?

So back to our original question. I believe it will take a complete beginner 6 months of steady practicing to become comfortable with basic chord shapes and barre chords. You’ll also begin to learn basic scales in that time.

After about 1 year you should have mastered all the major and minor chords, know your most common scales and each of their shapes and positions on the neck and have settled into a particular playing style. At this point you could call yourself a good guitar player.

Of course you’ll be playing songs you enjoy well before that 1 year mark, but don’t make the mistake of stopping your learning at that point. Keep pushing through to learn new skills and techniques so you can become a great guitar player!

World Record Guitar Speed

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Check this out:

Isn’t that guy amazing?!

Music Master Pro Review Posted

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

This is just an update to let everyone know that I just finished my Music Master Pro review.

It has been a long time coming, because so many people have purchased this course, and I wanted to buy it to evaluate myself. I was especially interested in Music Master Pro because of the number of negative comments I had read about it, and after purchasing it and logging into the members’ area, I can see exactly why these comments were made!

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