New Year Resolutions for the Guitar

December 27th, 2010

We, here, in the United States just love New Year resolutions. It’s a fresh start, clean slate, or whatever else you want to call the resolutions that normally do not come to fruition.

This year, however, we challenge you to be different. We challenge you to set actual New Year resolutions specific to the guitar. If you wish, you may find it easier to refer to them as goals rather than resolutions. Regardless, let’s make all of these happen in 2011!

1. Listen to more music!

I know, easy right? Your first target for 2011 is simply to listen to more music. You will find that your most creative moments on the guitar will likely come while or right after you’re under the influence of your art — music. However, the goal is not too just listen to your favorite tunes but also explore new artists and different genres. The point is to expand your musical boundaries! Be brave, create a list of 5-10 to artists you’ll become familiar with in the New Year and target 1-3 new genres. Now go to Amazon or iTunes and start shopping.

2. Pick up a new course

You know the old adage “You’re never to old to learn”? Apply it! For beginner guitarists this really makes sense as you will only learn much faster and be more productive with your time thanks to the direction of a knowledgable course. For moderate to advance guitarists, we recommend finding a book on a specific subject or skill that you’ve always wanted to acquire. Many of these beginner, moderate and advance skills and lessons can be found in our Top 5 rated guitar courses on the Web.

3. Start a Band/Find a partner

If you feel that you’re advanced enough on the guitar but always jam solo what is stopping you from joining a band? Sometimes, music is best consumed with others. This is even more true when you’re the one creating it! If you love collaborating, be brave and look to hit up the local nightlife for some of the acts doing it locally. Who knows, they might need a new guitarist. If you want to reach out even further, try selling yourself on Craigslist. Not confident enough to play in a band? Try to find someone you can play with ocassaionally. You’ll both inspire each other and learn way more than if you always strummed solo.

4. Treat yourself to a gift

If you spent all of 2010 playing the guitar but still live in your parents basement chances are that you probably have not received any new gear for your guitar in awhile. Consequently, you should reserve a small amount of cash for the New Year dedicated exclusively to something related to your guitar. Perhaps you can only afford a new set of guitar picks? Or you have always wanted to upgrade your amp but always talked yourself out of it? Regardless, reward all your hard work with some kind of gift in 2011. You deserve it!

5. Write a Song

Not much of a lyricist? Who cares? This goal is either something you have always wanted to accomplish or more a joke than anything. Regardless, learning and playing the guitar should be fun and that is the whole point of this resolution. The song may be goofy or it may be deeper than a Radiohead tune. It does not matter. The point of writing an original song is to prove that you’ve made it – from the first day you picked up an instrument to now — you are now able to play the guitar. Relax, it’s not like we’re asking you to play it in front of your girl.

Got Resolutions? We want to hear your goals for the New Year as well.

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