Design Your Music Room

August 13th, 2011

If you have been playing guitar for a couple of months you probably discovered that learning guitar is all about routine. Learning to play guitar can be challenging, exciting, motivating, grueling and inspiring but you’ll only tap into those emotions with the correct mindset. Consequently, if you have the space (always an issue) you should try and reserve one spot in your house as the music room.


When you have a music room you have a place where you can escape reality and get lost in your own creativity. Designing a music room has several benefits, including:

  • Quiet place to study and learn
  • Room exclusively used for learning guitar
  • Makes you feel like a professional
  • Fuels inspiration because you can decorate with appropriate decor
  • Easy way to store and organize all guitar accessories
  • Great to show off to friends and family

If you’re not excited about designing a music room why bother? However, if you’re like most musicians you need a room to yourself or for fellow musicians when you want to jam. Thus, designing your music room should be a fun experience! Need a few tips? Check out some of GLC’s must have accessories, decor and tips for making your music room shine.

Design Your Music Room: Planning

Unless you’re fortunate enough to design a home from scratch you likely walked into your home “as is”. Thus, the first step is to pick a spot that will serve as your music room. A few things you’ll want to consider are square feet, location of room (upstairs vs. downstairs) and proximity to roommates and neighbors. If you like to jam loud and late you may want to reserve a music room for the basement and away from a lot of windows. Perhaps you’re inspired by the surrounding scenery? Pick the room with the best window view.

Design Your Music Room: Colors

You might not be an interior designer but most people know what works and what does not. A lot of basic rooms are painted white and most creative personalities will agree that white is bland and boring. It’s not a hospital so what color scheme do you want to rock? Perhaps you want to color code with the finish of your guitar? Maybe you’re a huge Broncos fan so orange and blue is a must. It’s your room; just make sure you spend a little time considering the color scheme.

Design Your Music Room: Decor

Once the room is painted and floored (we have a slight preference for wood over carpet) it’s time to bring your music room to life with some awesome decor. You love music so decor should be easy! What musicians inspire you the most? Bands? Perhaps you want to hang a poster or two with an inspirational quote? Old juke box for looks? Photo of your girl? Celebrity crush? The options are endless just make it you.

Design Your Music Room: Accessories

Regardless of the color scheme and decor, your music room will never be a “music room” until it has instruments. Obviously, you want a place to put your guitar or guitars (likely the corner) and will need some storage place to organize all guitar accessories. Additionally, you’ll need correct output for your amp and space for any other musical equipment in case you conduct a lot of jam sessions. It never hurts to have a computer and equipping the room with some speakers is a must for listening to music.

Design Your Music Room: Rules

The music room is yours after all so be sure to lay down the groundwork. If you have any pets it may be a good idea to keep the door shut at all times. Also, most musicians want a music room to be an escape so no outside distractions (phones, etc). You may want to inform roommates that when the door is shut you do not wish to be disturbed (unless, of course, the house is on fire).

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