7 Reasons Why You Need to Check Out RhythmStrummer.com

August 2nd, 2011

In the past, GLC has examined how the abundance of free information on the World Wide Web can transform any disciplined, self-motivated individual into the next guitar legend. Furthermore, GLC has reviewed some of the top self-taught guitar courses for further guidance. During our quest to find the best guitar courses we have also run into some other fantastic guitar websites as well as some really poorly design sites with misleading information and/or overpriced lessons.

As a result, we wanted to spend today examining a very good website — RhythmStrummer.com. In fact, we have 7 reasons why you need to check out the website.

Authentic Lessons

A lot of websites promote easy guitar lessons yet the quality is not always the same. Thanks to a well educated, diverse staff — Rhythm Strummer lessons are clear, effective, detailed and easy to understand. Most importantly, the versions of the songs they are teaching are remarkably accurate which any guitarist surfing the Web can attest — that’s not always the case.

Diverse Lesson Selection

Rhythm Strummer features acoustic guitar lessons and techniques in several different genres. Lessons are divided into two categories: Easy Guitar Lessons and Easy Guitar Techniques. Combined the two categories offer hundreds of lessons and the catalog is constantly growing!

Fair Pricing

Yes, RhythmStrummer.com does charge a monthly fee (unless you stick with the limited free lessons). An individual guitar lesson on Rhythm Strummer costs $4.99, while an Easy Guitar Technique will cost you $14.99. Of course, you can also invest in the full membership (best deal, $24.99) featuring Unlimited Viewings per Video, 30 Days of Full Access to Technique Library, 3 Song Lessons for 30 Days and Access to Song Lesson Specials.

RhythmStrummer.com also supports the arts by paying the musicians whom are featured on the website.

Learn Guitar…and Sing Along

Unlike most guitar lessons, RhythmStrummer.com also teaches viewers how to sing along while they play a song. You might not want to be the next Mick Jagger yet learning to sing and play guitar at the same time is an important asset. A lot of bands need backup singers to harmonize, etc.

Fantastic Teachers

The staff at Rhythm Strummer features professional teachers and performers, each with a unique personality. Your average lesson on YouTube traditionally fails in this department as the instructors lack spunk, do not communicate certain concepts effectively, etc. However, the instructors at RhythStrummer.com are all exceptional at what they do — teaching the guitar.

Cool Features

Rhythm Strummer offers some unique guitar lesson features like innovative Strum Patterns, Chord Charts and Chord Diagrams. Learn more about these features HERE!

Free Stuff

In addition to lessons and techniques that cost money, RhythmStrummer.com offers further value by providing a limited catalog of Easy Guitar Songs, Free Techniques and Song Promo Options.

Interested? Learn more about the site at RhythmStrummer.com.

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