10 Amazing Guitar Apps

June 20th, 2011

Today is all about the app.

You know, applications that make your life easier and/or more enjoyable.

Believe it or not, but there are a variety of really useful guitar apps available for download. Some are free, others cost a few bucks, but none of them will set you back very far.

Check out 10 amazing guitar apps below…

Fretsurfer Guitar Trainer

This basic app helps users master the fretboard though two game setups. In the first, note and string information are employed to find the corresponding fret. Meanwhile, the second fret information is used to find the correct note. Fretsurfer Guitar Trainer also features a really useful statistical database including your fretboard strengths AND weaknesses. $2.99


GUITARTOOLKIT provides a chromatic tuner, a chord library with over half a million chords, a scale reference guide as well as a metronome with tap-tempo pad. Also play bass? Banjo? The app accommodates everything from six and 12 string guitars and even makes a subtle transition for lefty guitarists. $9.99

Guitar Jam Tricks

Guitar Jam Tricks features an hour’s worth of professionally recorded backing tracks in a particular style with five versions currently available: Acoustic Blues, Humbucker Blues (guitar and bass) and Reggae (guitar and bass). The app is easy to use. Simply pick a key, select a major or minor progression and solo away. $1.99

Guitarist’s Reference

The app provides a chord and scale primer with an incredible 3,000+ chord encyclopedia and information on more than 40 scale types. If you need a resource for practically any chord and scale available the Guitarist’s Reference is definitely for you. $4.99

Guitar Tools

Guitar Tools packages together several of Planet Waves’ popular offerings, including Chordmaster and Scale Wizard. The app also boosts a tuner and metronome as well as access to instructors in your area and music store locator. $8.99


iSHRED is a virtual guitar that lets you import high-quality guitar samples through eight effect units — including fuzz, treble boost, wah and distortion. iSHRED also features an overdriven amp simulator. Record your jams and share them via AirPlay. $4.99

Lick of the Day

Lick of the Day is one of the best apps available as Zakk Wylde, Joe Satriani and Gus G all endorse the product. Not only that, but the guitarists also provide expert advice via the lessons. Lick of the Day is intended for the advanced guitarist looking to master challenging guitar licks. Lick of the Day is available upon subscription.


PocketGuitar is one of the easiest virtual guitar apps available. Simply press your fingers on the “strings,” strum your hand across the screen and the notes ring out. $0.99


TabToolKit displays standard and tab notation with a virtual fretboard. A built-in audio synthesis engine enables users to hear and control audio for all instrument tracks individually as well as speed up and slow down the tempo. TabToolKit is one of the most interactive guitar tab apps on the market. $9.99

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

Designed from the creators of Ultimate-Guitar.com, the app features 300,000 tabs also found on the website. It’s easily the largest guitar tab library available. Access your favorites by either artist or song title; narrow your search by type (guitar, bass, drum, chords), part of the song (intro, solo, chorus), diffculty level, tuning and rating. $2.99

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