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Hi, my name is Kyle, and I've been playing guitar since I was 11 years old. Like many guitarists, I learned most of what I know by figuring out how to play songs. I never really laid a solid foundation with awesome guitar lessons, so I decided to fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, I found out that the average cost of guitar lessons is about $16 per 30-minute session, 2x each week, which works out to around $128/month, or $1,536/year! That's a lot of money...

So, I looked online and found some decent free guitar lessons. Eventually, I bought some courses since they are so much cheaper than private lessons, and found some of them to be really helpful. Now, I review guitar lessons to help people find the best way for them to learn guitar on this website. Check out the best guitar lessons below:

Disclosure: If you buy guitar lessons through a link on this page, I will earn a much-appreciated commission for taking the time to write this review. You won't pay a penny more for the course, but a portion of the proceeds go to funding this 100% ad-free site (and my music collection), so thanks for your support and have fun learning guitar!

As you will see from the chart below my personal recommendation is Jamplay followed by a very close second, Guitar Tricks. If you are looking for an at home guitar traning kit on CD then Learn & Master Guitar is your best choice.

Video Tour of

Click the play button below to take a quick tour through my account to see if JamPlay is right for you: Be sure to compare the features in the chart below the video to ensure it has what you are looking for.

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Best Guitar Lessons table
JamPlay Guitar Tricks Learn & Master Guitar Jamorama
Overall Rating 9.8/10 9.2/10 8.7/10 7.4/10
Lesson Quality 5 Stars 5 Stars 4 Stars 3.5 Stars
Value for Price 5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 3.5 Stars
Support 5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars
Teaching Style 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4 Stars
Lesson Variety 5 Stars 5 Stars 3.5 Stars 3 Stars
Ease of Use 4.5 Stars 4 Stars 4.5 Stars 4 Stars
Entertainment 5 Stars 4 Stars 3.5 Stars 4.5 Stars
Learn More Read Jamplay Review Read Guitar Tricks Review Read Learn & Master GuitarReview Read Jamorama Review
Visit Site: Visit JamPlay Visit Guitar Tricks Visit Learn and Master Guitar Visit Jamorama
Product Online Community & 1,000+ Videos Online Community & Videos DVD's, Book, CD's & Forum PDF's, Videos & Software
Delivery Instant (Online) Instant (Online) 3-14 Days Instant (Online)
Guarantee 7-Day, 100%
60-Day, 100% Money-Back 60-Day, 100% Money-Back 60-Day, 100% Money-Back
Instructors 46 45 1 1
Beginner Check Check Check Check
Intermediate Check Check Check Check
Advanced Check X Check X
Song Lessons Check Check X X
Discounts 25% OFF Coupon:
Free Trial
On Sale:
Save $100
Lowest Price $19.95/month* $14.95/month $249 $149 $49.95
Check it out: Visit JamPlay Visit Guitar Tricks Visit Learn and Master Guitar Visit Jamorama
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User generated reviews
JamPlay Guitar Tricks Learn & Master Guitar Jamorama
Lesson Quality 3.5 Stars4 Stars4.5 Stars2.5 Stars
Value For Price 3.5 Stars4 Stars4.5 Stars3 Stars
Support 3.5 Stars4 Stars4 Stars2.5 Stars
Teaching Style 3.5 Stars4 Stars4 Stars3 Stars
Lesson Variety 3.5 Stars4 Stars4.5 Stars2.5 Stars
Ease Of Use 3.5 Stars4 Stars5 Stars3.5 Stars
Entertainment 3.5 Stars4 Stars5 Stars3 Stars
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Quick Summary of My Guitar Lesson Reviews:

There are dozens of courses online, but out of all of them the only ones I recommend to friends & family are:

  1. JamPlay: My #1 pick for anyone wanting to learn to play guitar, hands down. For about $20/month, you get unlimited access to 1,000's of high-quality video lessons, from 46 professionally-trained guitarists, covering everything from Classical, to Blues, to Rock and Heavy Metal. Plus, their Chord & Scale libraries are awesome!

  2. Guitar Tricks: Another cool online community, they offer 3,000+ video lessons from 45 instructors, but their lessons, tools and community benefits aren't as nice as the ones you'll find in our JamPlay Review.

  3. Learn & Master Guitar: Best home study DVD course, by far! Great for beginners & intermediate guitarists looking to improve their skills. About the cost of 5-10 half-hour lessons, but lasts 6-12 months at least. Much more convenient and cheaper than private lessons, and the DVD's & CD's are very well-produced.

  4. Jamorama: Cheapest course for beginners. Do NOT buy this unless you're just getting started, but it's nice if you are. Fun software games, PDF ebooks and 148 videos cover the basics really well.

Wondering what they're all about? Want to see pros & cons of each course to figure out which one is best for you and your goals with playing guitar? Read on to learn more about each of my favorite guitar lesson programs.

JamPlay Review
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5 Star Rating

JamPlay screenshot

Lesson Quality: 5 Star Rating
Value for Price: 5 Star Rating
Support: 5 Star Rating
Teaching Style: 4.5 Star Rating
Lesson Variety: 5 Star Rating
Ease of Use: 4.5 Star Rating
Entertainment: 5 Star Rating

Product Community: 1,000+ Videos
Price: $19.95/month
Delivery: Instant
Guarantee: 7-Day, 100%

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#1: The Best Guitar Lessons is a fantastic community for aspiring guitarists to boost their skills from home. In fact, after trying & reviewing over 10 courses and communities, it is my #1 pick!

Alright, so here's what I like about JamPlay:

  • 1,000+ high-quality video guitar lessons
  • Tons of genres, techniques & songs covered
  • 44 professional instructors
  • Over 20,000 guitarists have used JamPlay!
  • Active Forum and Live webcast Q&A lessons
  • Incredible Chord, Scale & Riff Libraries!
  • Online Guitar Tuner with tons of options
  • Video Q&A: Ask a question, get a video answer!

Here are some things I don't like about JamPlay:

  • It's $19.95/month (That's cheap compared to lessons though)
  • Money-back guarantee is only for 7 days (Maybe that's because barely anybody ever asks for their money back...)
  • Information overload: There's a LOT to learn from, which can be overwhelming at first. Good thing it's all organized.

Overall, after rejoining and seeing some huge upgrades, I can't deny that is the best deal for guitar lessons out there:

JamPlay coupon code

Check out JamPlay, and don't forget to enter the code above:

Visit JamPlay
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Guitar Tricks Review
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4 Stars

Guitar Tricks screenshot

Lesson Quality: 4 Star Rating
Value for Price: 4.5 Star Rating
Support: 4.5 Star Rating
Teaching Style: 4.5 Star Rating
Lesson Variety: 5 Star Rating
Ease of Use: 4.5 Star Rating
Entertainment: 4 Star Rating

Product Community: 3,000+ Videos
Price: $14.95/month
Delivery: Instant
Guarantee: 60-Day, 100%

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Biggest Guitar Community

While searching for online guitar lessons, I ran across Guitar Tricks. It's $14.95/month for full access to over 3,000 video guitar lessons & over 40 professional guitar instructors.

They've been around since 1998 and they give away 24 FREE video lessons, BUT this site is not as high-quality as overall.

These are my favorite things about Guitar Tricks:

  • You can get 24 FREE video lessons to try it out.
  • They have over 3,000 high-quality video lessons.
  • You can learn anything from Bluegrass, to Rock, to Jazz, to Heavy Metal from their 45 professional guitarists.
  • You can talk to 1,000's of other guitarists in their forums.
  • You'll learn everything from how to tune, to playing chords & scales, to soloing and even writing your own songs.
  • It's cheap! $14.95/month for unlimited access...

Here's what I do not like about Guitar Tricks:

  • They don't have chord or scale libraries
  • The instructors have different teaching styles, which can be nice, but it's tough switching mindsets sometimes.
  • You have to pay $14.95 every month to stay a member.
  • The forum isn't as nice as JamPlay's
  • They don't have live webcasts or Q&A sessions

All in all, I'd say Guitar Tricks is a nice website, but you might want to check out JamPlay before you go off and spend your $14.95, because its recent updates have made it much better in my opinion.

Insider's tip: Get a 14-day Free Trial of to see if you like them. That should make your decision a lot easier.

If you like learning guitar with video instruction, you don't want to spend a lot upfront, and you want to learn a wide variety of styles, Guitar Tricks is a good choice overall:

Visit Guitar Tricks
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Learn and Master Guitar Review
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Learn and Master Guitar screenshot

Lesson Quality: 5 Star Rating
Value for Price: 4.5 Star Rating
Support: 4 Star Rating
Teaching Style: 4.5 Star Rating
Lesson Variety: 3.5 Star Rating
Ease of Use: 4.5 Star Rating
Entertainment: 3.5 Star Rating

Product DVD's, Book, CD's & Forum
Price: $149
Delivery: 3-14 Days
Guarantee: 60-Day, 100%

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Highest-Rated DVD Guitar Lessons

The average price for a 30-minute guitar lesson is about $16, which means taking the typical 2 lessons/week adds up to $128+/month, or $1,536/year!

On top of that, you can't do the lessons over again until you get them (you know, like rewinding a DVD). In my opinion, both of these things make Learn and Master Guitar an awesome choice over shelling out so much cash for guitar lessons.

Here's what I like about Learn and Master Guitar:

  • It only costs $249 $149 ONCE, not $128 every month!
  • It has a 107-page book with easy-to-follow exercises.
  • It comes with 5 CD's you can jam along with.
  • You get access to a forum to learn with other guitarists
  • It has 10 DVD's (this is the best part) to walk you through everything you could imagine about playing guitar.
  • It covers a pretty wide variety of genres & playing styles.
  • The lessons have a nice step-by-step flow to them.
  • It's cool being able to play at home whenever you feel like it!

What I do not like about Learn and Master Guitar:

  • Steve is the only instructor, so he's the only one you get to learn from (similar to getting private guitar lessons).
  • The forum could be cooler and more active than it is...
  • You have to wait for shipping.
  • Since I had been playing for so long, some of the lessons moved a too slowly for me (gotta love fast-forward!)
  • The lessons could use some more variety.
  • The 1st 10 DVD's will definitely help you learn guitar, but not master it. The 2nd set of DVD's get more advanced though...

When I got Learn & Master Guitar, I picked the "Deluxe Edition", which at the time cost $249 (now it's $149), but I still saved a ton of money compared to private guitar lessons.

Overall, I highly recommend this course if you're just getting started, or if you've been playing guitar for a while without training.

If you'd like to learn guitar from home to save $1,600+ every year on lessons, check out Learn & Master Guitar here:

Visit Learn and Master Guitar
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Jamorama Review
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Jamorama screenshot

Lesson Quality: 3.5 Star Rating
Value for Price: 3.5 Star Rating
Support: 3 Star Rating
Teaching Style: 4 Star Rating
Lesson Variety: 3 Star Rating
Ease of Use: 4 Star Rating
Entertainment: 4.5 Star Rating

Product Videos, PDF's & Software
Price: $49.95
Delivery: Instant
Guarantee: 60-Day, 100%

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Top Digital Guitar Course

There are like a million of these cheaper guitar products out there online, because they're digital and made by one guy (so they must not have high costs). BUT, out of all of them, Jamorama is the only one I found that's even decent!

Even though it's the best in its class, I would NOT recommend it over JamPlay by any means!

That said, there are some cool things about Jamorama:

  • It's only $49.95 one-time.
  • It's digital, so you get it right away online.
  • It comes with 148 basic video lessons for beginners.
  • It includes software games for tuning, keeping time, learning music by ear, and learning notes & chords.
  • It's great for total beginners, and it has a slightly advanced PDF ebook with more content (for reading, not exercises).

Now, here's what I do not like about Jamorama:

  • Unless you're a complete beginner, it moves too slowly.
  • The software games are cool, but they get boring.
  • It's not made to be a complete course. It's just designed to get total beginners started in the right direction.

So there you have it. Jamorama is a solid beginner's course, and nothing more. Even still, I would recommend getting a 1-month subscription to (saving over $30)!

Check out Jamorama if you just want a simple software-based course on learning the basics of guitar for cheap:

Visit Jamorama
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Here's a quick summary of my favorite guitar lesson reviews:

If you want access to a bunch of professional instructors, 1,000's of high-quality video lessons all organized by skill level, genre and broken up in courses, JamPlay is your best bet.

If you'd prefer to learn guitar with DVD's, a traditional lesson workbook and jam-along CD's, Learn and Master Guitar is the only DVD course I'd recommend.

Overall, the best value for the money by far is a membership to JamPlay. To start watching video lessons and get access to their awesome chord & scale libraries (and save 25% on your first month), head over to and enter 86C6CC at checkout:

Click to visit!


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Disclosure: As an independent and unbiased critic of guitar lessons products, I personally purchase the courses I evaluate. If you decide, as a result of the in-depth reviews you read on my website, to purchase one of these products, I will receive a commission as compensation for the time, energy & money I have spent evaluating these courses. This does not affect the price you pay, or my opinion of the product, and I make my best effort to provide truthful evaluations of each product I review to help you find the best guitar lessons.

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#1 - Jamplay
#2 -Guitar Tricks
#3 - Learn and Master Guitar
#4 - Jamorama