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Cool Guitar Resources

These are some of the coolest resources I've found for guitar over the years, so check 'em out:

Guitar Tabs

Ultimate-Guitar.com is by far the best website for guitar tabs. They have everything you could imagine, and a solid system for user reviews of the tabs to keep them high-quality.

Guitar Tuner

My favorite online tuner is ChordBook. It's an easy way to tune up when you're by a computer.

Free Lessons

The best place to get totally free lessons is Guitar Tricks. I personally belong to the community, and it's an amazing place to hang out with over 400,000 other guitarists from around the World. The membership is $12.95/month, but they give away 24 totally-free video lessons, so go watch them!

Chord Chart

Sick of trying to remember all those chords? I found this printable chord chart online one day, and it's a great way to reference any chord, or even for inspiration to write new songs.

DVD Lessons

Though it's not free, my favorite all-around resource for guitarists is a DVD course called Learn and Master Guitar. This one product would have been enough to teach me all the fundamentals I was lacking from skipping formal guitar training in the form of private lessons. If you're getting started or feel you need a push, but don't want to shell out $150/month or more for lessons, check it out...you'll be glad you did, believe me!


#1 - JamPlay
#2 - Guitar Tricks
#3 - Learn and Master Guitar
#4 - Jamorama